The RX Sustainability Pledge for Events

As a leading event organiser we bring whole industries together
which can advance sustainability

– playing a role in educating and influencing behaviour
with a large number of stakeholders.

Our events have an impact, and we are committed to minimising
those that are negative while continually seeking ways to positively
contribute to sustainable development. 

Our approach is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals,
prioritising those where we can have the greatest impact and demonstrating leadership through programming and content across our events.

RX 2040 Net Zero Roadmap

Committed to a Cleaner, Sustainable World

According to the 1987 Brundtland Report, sustainability means
"meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

In 1972, a team of researchers at MIT used computer simulations to conclude that
"if current trends of population growth, industrialization, pollution, food production,
and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limits to growth on this planet will be reached within the next 100 years."

This implies that if we continue behaving as we are now,
global civilization will inevitably reach a point of irreversible collapse,
potentially as soon as 2040 in the worst-case scenario.

Now, sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity.

RX became a founding member of the global collaboration initiative Net Zero Events,
launched by the events industry at COP 26 in Glasgow, UK, in November 2021.
RX aims to achieve Net Zero by 2040, committing to lead in preserving
a better environment and securing long-term competitiveness in the global market.

RX is taking the lead in maintaining a better environment, securing long-term competitiveness
in the global competitive society, and leading Net Zero activities to create
a prosperous society where future generations can be happy.

Eco-friendly Experience at BIX 2024!

As part of its journey to achieving Net Zero events,
BIX │Bioplus - Interphex Korea is implementing a variety of ESG initiatives to develop sustainable exhibitions.

For a more meaningful and sustainable show,
Check out the ESG campaign activities being created by BIX's exhibitors and visitors!

- What is ESG Campaign? -

It is a management stragey aimed at ensuring sustainability
by considering all environmental, social and governance factors.

BIX Green Booth (ESG)

BIX launched GREEN BOOTH for exhibitors who wish to participate in ESG campaign. 

GREEN BOOTH uses 100% reusable materials for construction, and it ables to create and operate an eco-friendly participation.

Visit the GREEN EXHIBITOR at the venue!

Eco-friendly Paper Banners

The banners located in the venue lobby and aisles are made of eco-friendly paper, which helps minimize carbon emissions.

Also, this paper banner will be recycled as a paper chair after the event so that it can be used in BIX's offices or other sites in various ways.

QR Codes for Waste Reduction

At BIX, we strive to minimize unnecessary paper printing
and practice the use of QR codes actively.

The utilization of QR code can reduce large amounts of paper wate during the show period and deliver show updates through the website simultaneously. It is one of the most important activities in the
ESG campaign for all exhibitors and visitors.

Eco-friendly Printing

At BIX, we aim for minimal printing using
environmentally friendly paper produced through
eco-conscious production methods known as "[eco-friendly paper]."

In the production process of eco-friendly paper,
minimal use of chemical treatments and toxic substances
helps significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Green Transportation

We highly recommend the use of diverse public transportation to visit BIX

By using public transportation, you can easily
contribute to Net Zero efforts through small changes in daily life.

> Click! Access to COEX

Join the ESG Campaign with BIX!

BIX is committed to creating sustainable exhibitions
and leading the way towards achieving Net Zero by 2040. 

・Use Eco-friendly transport and public transit
・Avoid unncessary disposable items
・Proper sorting for waste minimization
・Engage with ESG information

Please join the journey to Net Zero and ESG campaign with BIX!
Thank you for your support and cooperation.